Sandi Tumbas Radoja

Mira's collection of poetry "Seasons of Love" is a volume to which I will return again and again, gently easing into the moods inspired by her beautifully decriptive words, revealing some of her deapest personal toughts, much like those in meny of us. A woman of two worlds, firmly planted in her past and present, she reflects on the love of her homeland in "Novi Sad", with longing and nostalgia about the city of her youth. She brings to light her toughts as a teen and as a mature woman. Most of us lack the gift to express ourselves so keenly as Mira does when she shares her tought. She ilustrates her emotions and her moods as she speaks of yearning, impatience, restlessness and more.
Her poetry reflects light at its best and its worst. She is both empty and full. happy and sad, as she shares her reality with us. Her life is a cycle of seasons. From the awakening of spring through the pation and afterglow of summer, autumn shadows, to Indian summer of a winter, readers are invited to take a tour of life and come back again and again to visit favorite times through the poetry of Mira N. Mataric.